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East Coast Sign Co, established January 2017, is a division of the Cedarstream Company. Cedarstream is a proud member of the Graphic Communications Conference and has proudly been supplying custom designed apparel and products since 1987. Located in Cedartown GA, we have a highly skilled design and production staff and bring some of the best designs and printing quality to the apparel industry. We cater to customers across the nation, and pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with the styles and quality they really want, along with the prices and timelines they really need.  With the addition to East Coast Sign Co, we can now offer our customers a one stop shop for all their custom design and printing needs.  We use the best quality and state of the art equipment that the custom sign and banner industry has to offer to insure that our customers get the very best.  Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. 

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